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Out-Of-Area Exams

Table of Contents

  1. Contact information
  2. Summary of Exam Policies and Procedures
  3. Types of Proctors UOnline Accepts
  4. Searching for a Proctor
  5. Proctor Information
  6. Exam Registration Time Line
  7. Exam Registration Set Up
  8. Proctor Verification
  9. Completed Exam Time Line

Contact Information

If you need assistance, please contact the appropriate person.

  • Questions concerning assignments or exam content should be directed to your instructor.
  • Requests to take an exam outside of the regularly scheduled dates should also be directed to your instructor.
  • Questions concerning proctors, exam registration or status should be directed to the UOnline Exam Coordinator.
UOnline Exam Coordinator
Phone: (801) 581-6112
UOnline Help Desk
Phone: (801) 581-6112
Toll Free: 1-888-853-6208
FAX: (801) 587-9210

Summary of Exam Policies and Procedures

Please read the entire help guide! This summary merely provides a general overview of events relating to your examination(s).

  • If you live more than 20 miles or more from all UOnline campuses, you qualify as an out-of-area student and may take exams with an approved proctor.
  • Find a proctor that UOnline accepts.
  • Schedule dates and times to take your exams with your proctor. Your instructor will list the available exam dates.
  • Ask your proctor for the following information: name, name of department & institution, mailing address, email address, telephone number.
  • Register for your exams. Exam registration requires entering proctor information.
  • The exam coordinator will verify your proctor at least two weeks prior to the first available date of your course's first exam.
  • About 10 to 14 days prior to each exam date, UOnline will mail the exam materials and return address envelope to proctor.
  • If you live or are in a non-English speaking area, your proctor must be able to speak and write English and must be able to accept exam information via email.

Types of Proctors UOnline Accepts

UOnline requires out-of-area students to find a proctor for exams. Below is a list of the types of proctors UOnline accepts:

  • Testing staff at universities or colleges testing centers (testing fees are common and are usually required per exam.)
  • Independent study offices of universities or colleges (testing fee usually required)
  • Head librarians of public libraries (usually, no fee required.)
  • Professional proctoring or commercial testing services (testing fee usually required.)
  • If you are enlisted in the U.S. military, you may choose a proctor at a military education office (usually, no fee required).

Here is a list of people considered unacceptable proctor candidates:

  • Relatives (in-laws included)
  • Friends and coworkers (including supervisors)
  • Clergy
  • Proctors without a business phone, email address and either a FAX or Scanner.
  • Someone who does not speak English.
  • Former school or college teachers.
  • K-12 public or private schools.

Searching for a Proctor

IMPORTANT! Ask your potential proctor if he/she will comply with the following UOnline requirements:

  • Your proctor must be available to administer your exams on Thursday, Friday or Saturday during each exam week and on the scheduled final exam date. Note, any variation to this schedule must be approved by your instructor in advance!
  • Your proctor must keep you in his/her field of vision throughout the exam.
  • Your proctor must either FAX or email a scanned copy of the completed exam to UOnline immediately after the exam is completed.
  • Your proctor must mail ALL exam materials in the postage-paid envelope to UOnline immediately after the exam has been faxed or scanned.

If you need tips on finding a proctor, please contact the UOnline Exam Coordinator as noted in the Contact information section above.


Proctor Information

After you find a proctor that meets UOnline requirements, ask for the following information, albeit not all may be available:

  • First and last name.
  • Name of Institution
  • Proctor's business email address
  • Proctor's business mailing address
  • Proctor's business telephone number
  • Proctor's business FAX number

Please confirm this information is accurate, especially for subsequent exams!


Exam Registration Time Line

UOnline requires out-of-area students to register for regular exams at least two weeks prior to their first exam!

Out-of-area students who only have exams scheduled during the Final Exam Period should register at least three weeks prior to their first exam!

We recommend students actually register for all exams as soon as possible.


Exam Registration Set Up

Exam registration allows you to enter and submit proctor information to UOnline.

  • Login to CIS (Campus Information System), then click the Register for Proctored Exam link.
  • Click the sign up button to the left of the exam name under the course name.
  • Click "Out-Of-Area Sign Up" button found above the locations drop down menu.
  • Finish the process to submit your Exam Proctor contact information.
  • <--
  • Click Accept button after reading proctor requirements.
  • Complete all field of the proctor form. Make sure all information is complete and accurate, then click the Submit button.
  • Click either "Register For All Exams", unless you will be taking other exams with a different proctor, in which case you will need to click "Register for Exam."
  • -->

NOTE: If you do not plan to take all exams as an out-of-area student, or plan to take exams with more than one proctor throughout the semester, please send email to the UOnline Exam Coordinator at


Proctor Verification

Authorized proctors will be sent all exam-related materials via US Mail and/or Email.

  • The exam coordinator will verify your submitted proctor information.
  • If the exam coordinator approves your proctor, exam materials will be sent to your proctor via US Mail, including proctor instructions.
  • Students must provide a large [9" x 12"] postage-paid envelope to their proctor, for mailing completed exams to UOnline.
  • The exam coordinator will send your exam to your proctor via email, during the week of the exam date.
  • The UOnline Exam Coordinator will send you a message, after the exam has been sent to your proctor via email.
  • Make sure you check your U of U email (e.g. regularly for timely updates.

Completed Exam Time Line

After each exam, the student is responsible to verify the following steps are completed.

  • Your proctor must fill in and sign the Cover Sheet for each exam.
  • Your proctor must submit a copy of the completed exam, to UOnline by either FAX (801-587-9210) or via Email to
  • Your proctor must then mail the completed exam to UOnline in the postage-paid envelope. Our mailing address is listed on the proctor-procedures checklist.